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Wicked Musical Elphaba Food Art

Food art alert!

Since my five-year-old is currently on summer break, we’ve been spending most days hanging out at home. We’ve been reading, watching movies, making art, and listening to music like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve had Wicked the Musical‘s album on repeat for almost two weeks, so I figured it was time to insert a little art into our current musical obsession.

Yesterday, I rummaged through my pantry staples to whip up a quick food art. Say hello to Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Wicked Musical Elphaba Bento Food Art

For Elphaba’s face, I cut a slice of bread to shape and popped it into the toaster for a few minutes. I mashed some avocados, sprinkled it with a bit of salt and squeezed some lemon juice to taste. Using enough  avocado mash, I made sure to create a smooth surface onto the toast, spreading and patting down evenly. I added nori details for the eyes and nose, and carved out her lips using the skin of a red apple.

The rest of the black details (her body, her hair and her hat) are all nori, cut freehand, piece by piece. To help hold their shape and prevent the nori from curling, I mounted the nori shapes on top of flattened bread slices using a little mayonnaise . This gives each piece a sturdy frame and makes it easier to layer the parts.

To finish off the look, I sliced a carrot thinly into strips (julienned) and tied them around a pretzel stick to make the broomstick.

And there she is! Elphaba’s ready to leap!

For more of my food art and bento creations, check out #foodartbyannings on Instagram.

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