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Easy Peasy Homemade Play Dough

Easy Peasy Homemade Play Dough Recipe

Last week my six-year old came home from a friend’s party with some Play-Doh loot. I normally tolerate the mess she makes when playing with Play-Doh, but the tub came in the brightest color of blue ever and it left huge blue stains everywhere. I ended up watching her every move, wiping and scrubbing dough residue and stains wherever she went. It was no fun at all, but in as much as I want to ban all play dough at home to save my sanity, I know denying and restricting her from any play dough fun is simply not the answer. Nobody wants be labelled “Mommy the Party Pooper,” right? So the other day, we whipped up some homemade play dough.

The recipe is super quick to make, using everyday ingredients found in the kitchen. I used to make them when Zoë was a toddler, and I loved that it was an edible, non-toxic and cheaper alternative to store-bought dough. The best part? It doesn’t leave nasty stains, making way for some endless fun!

Read on to see how quick it is to make this Easy Peasy Homemade Play Dough!

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Happy Lunch at CDP Global Table

Happy Lunch at CDP Global Table

Mothers need a break from motherhood once in a while. We shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for a bit of time off. No, it’s not being selfish. We need a break, not to get away from the kids, or to escape our responsibilities and the long list of household chores that need tackling, but we must in order to recharge. Sometimes all we need is an hour or two away to unwind and let loose, in order for us to come back a more happy and loving mother.

Two weeks ago, I finally got the mommy break that I needed over a #HappyLunch at CDP Global Table. Together with some Mothers Who Brunch friends, we shared stories of our motherhood highs and lows, while trying dish after dish of mouth-watering goodness.

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