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Christmas With Crate PH

Christmas with Crate and Barrel PH

Filipinos love the Christmas season, and we start celebrating the festivity pretty early in the country. No where else in the world can you hear the tunes of Christmas carols being played as early as September 1, but in the Philippines. You start seeing hints of the season in homes, as families start bringing out their trees and festive baubles.

In the Philippine culture, Christmas is the time for bonding with family, rekindling friendships, sharing meals, and gift-giving. Crate and Barrel Philippines has embraced this spirit, and this year they launched their #ChristmasWithCratePH early for us to enjoy.

Together with Mothers Who Brunch, Crate & Barrel Philippines invited friends for an afternoon of merry food, drinks and conversation, as they shared what was in store for all the holiday shoppers. Continue Reading →

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Mothers Who Brunch: Feast and Pamper

Mothers Who Brunch: Feast and Pamper

It’s so easy to get lost in the whirlwind life of motherhood. With all the laundry that needs to be done, the meals to be prepared, and all the cleaning up, sometimes it feels like the chores just keep on piling up. It gets tiring. It drains us. We focus so much on keeping our family members happy, that we mothers often forget to take some time off for ourselves to relax and recharge.

When Michelle and Sabrina, the beautiful ladies behind Mothers Who Brunch, invited me to a small gathering of moms in Alabang, I knew I just had to go. Their invitation was quite timely, as I had been looking for an excuse to unwind and meet other mothers in the metro.

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